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Corn, Gourd, & Ornamental Seed Varieties

Pretty Pops™ Series Ornamental Popcorn

Laser (PVP #9500067) (about 90 days) is a beautifully striped calico type of miniature Indian corn with pointed kernels that can be popped. This variety matures usually 10 to 14 days earlier than Carousel and has a high percentage of uniquely striped ears. Average length is between 4 1/2 and 5 inches.

Red Husk Spectrum (about 100 days) is a unique miniature Indian corn variety that exhibits a high percentage of red stalks and husks. A third or more of the yield typically exhibits this coloration and the ears have many colorful kernels. Also features a strong stalk 8 to 9 feet tall and stands well late in the season. Good husk shank.

Shades of Brown (about 100 days) is a mixture of miniature Indian corn containing a high percentage of brown ears. Kernels vary in color from light oyster to dark brown, but yield sweet white snacks when popped.

Neon Pink (about 110 days) has bright pink kernels with contrasting dark kernels. Ears are about 3 to 4 1/2 " long. The 4 to 5 foot stalks average 2 to 3 ears each. A real eye catcher! 

Large Indian Corn Seed - several varieties are available. Contact us for information and pricing on seeds that grow well in your area.

Gourd Seed Varieties - View a Gourd Identification Chart
Prices listed do not include shipping and may change without notice 

Bushel, XL handle dipper, Chinese bottle, Martin house, apple, and swan(maranka).

Contact us for pricing.


Contact us for pricing.

ONIONS (plants)

[Plants grow larger and sweeter onions than sets.]

Walla Walla Sweet

per 50 - $7.25
per 100 - $13.50

Candy Sweet Onion Plants

per 50 - $7.25
per 100 - $13.50

Please order by Feb. 10. Customer pick-up is welcome (please contact us). For larger quantities and shipping info. please contact us.

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